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Also, visit the Monthly Activity Calendar board on Pinterest to see activity ideas for the days on the calendar that have the Pinterest symbol. Such a great resource!

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Moms’ Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day with Preschoolers

For the first time in a long time (maybe ever?), our MOPS meeting was called for a Snow Day! We asked our MOPS moms how they’re spending this snow day with their preschoolers and we’re sharing their answers here – including a Snow Cream recipe!

SnowMOPS by Colleen Hazlehurst

So, how are our MOPS moms spending the Snow Day with their preschoolers?

By finding fun indoors:

  • “I love to cook, work puzzles, and play board games.” – Fran
  • “We will go out to play, eat some cookies, color and play, and maybe pull out the couch bed and watch some movies.” – Colleen
  • “Make comfort foods, watch movies and popcorn…do little craft activities.” – Connie

By getting cozy:

  • “We will happily sit on the couch and stare at the beauty from under the cozy blankets!” – Kristen
  • “Stay in our pajamas all day!!!” – Sara M.
  • “My favorite way to spend a snow day is in my comfy clothes.” – Kristina

By getting out in the snow:

  • “Get on our snow gear and play outside in the snow with the neighborhood kids!!!” – Yvonne
  • “Well, I’d like to curl up with a book by the fire…but alas, my toddler doesn’t really let me do that! The next best thing is to send the eldest outside and take the toddler out there too. He really does LOVE it!!” – Lara S.
  • “Pull out all my snow gear and teach my kids how to play in the snow (since they are Southerners)! Seriously praying for good packing snow this time (tho I can make do with the powdery stuff we normally get)!!!” – Elena

With comfort food and Snow Cream:

  • “If it’s a snow day, we hope to enjoy playing in the snow, drinking hot cocoa & eating treats when we come in to warm up, making snow cream with snow we collected (snow, milk, vanilla & sugar) & watching movies.” – Paula
  • “Snow angels and snow cream.” – Jessica J.
  • “We made chocolate chip cookies and bread to help keep us warm.” – Jessica J.

SnowMOPS by Colleen Hazlehurst

Enjoy your Snow Day, moms! Keep those babies warm.

MOPS Snow Day Policy

Not sure whether the weather will affect MOPS? For us, if school is delayed or cancelled due to weather, our MOPS meetings or events are cancelled. If you’re not sure, just check with your discussion group leader or visit our private Facebook group for updates.

Moms, what are your favorite ways to spend snow days with preschoolers?

Graphic by Colleen Hazlehurst

MOPS Christmas: Pottery Painting on Moms Night Out

This Friday night, we’re continuing a new MOPS tradition – our pottery painting Moms Night Out! This is a fun, relaxing event where moms can unwind, talk, snack, laugh, get a little artsy, and create a keepsake. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to personalize an ornament for this year’s ornament exchange!

The cost is a discounted studio fee of $5, plus 10% off your pottery.  Your painted pottery will be available for pick up at the studio by November 22 – plenty of time in advance for Thanksgiving and Christmas pieces!  All of the event details are available in the Events section of our private Facebook group. Or, if you aren’t on Facebook, just contact Colleen or  your Discussion Group leader. We hope to see you there!