MOPS Christmas: Our Annual Ornament Exchange

Our annual ornament exchange is always the highlight of our MOPS Christmas celebration. There are many ways to do an exchange, but here’s how we have done it in the past:

We ask each mom to bring a new ornament (about a $5 value) all wrapped up for Christmas. We place them all on a table and everybody draws a number to see who will go first. Then, we each take our turn choosing an ornament – we can choose to pick an unwrapped gift from the table or take an ornament that has already been opened from someone else. If someone takes an open ornament, the person it was taken from gets to choose another one from the table or take a different open one. After every number has been called and everyone has chosen an ornament, the person who drew #1 can decide to keep the ornament she has or trade for another.

We sometimes place a limit on how many times each ornament can be taken after it’s opened, depending on how much time we have for the exchange. This is a fast-paced, fun-filled activity and everyone leaves with a special keepsake from MOPS.



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