The 2013-2014 MOPS Steering Retreat

Our MOPS group is managed by a group of moms who share their time and talents to make it all happen. They are our Steering Committee, led by our MOPS Coordinator, Tiffany H.

In August, the new 2013-2014 team met at Bethel for the annual MOPS Steering Retreat. We spent Friday night and all day Saturday getting to know each other, praying together, and planning for the new year. We also made a craft (our personalized MOPS mugs), played a game, and got familiar with this year’s theme: “A Beautiful Mess – Embrace Your Story.”

MOPS Steering Retreat

1. Our MOPS theme: “A Beautiful Mess – Embrace Your Story.”
2. Tiffany demonstrating the wheel technique for storytelling.
3. Steering team members crafting our personalized MOPS mugs.
4. Top secret plans for the new year of MOPS.

The MOPS Steering Committee for 2013-2014 is:

  • MOPS Coordinator – Tiffany H.
  • MOPS Assistant Coordinators – Elena E., Christin W.
  • MOMSNext Coordinators – Kristina S., Yvonne S.
  • Discussion Group Leaders – Lara S. (Coordinator), Elena E.,  Sara M., Laura R., Kristina S., Yvonne S.,and Kelly T.
  • Creative Activities – Christin W.
  • Finance – Sara E.
  • Fundraising – Andriea W.
  • Hospitality – Carynn P.
  • MOPPETS – Jessica J.
  • Publicity – Colleen H.
  • Prayer – Paula W.
  • Mentor Moms – Melene S., Dot S., Donna W.

You can see the responsibilities for each Steering Committee position here.

“God sure knew what He was doing when He brought this group of women together. Each woman has a different talent and perspective, but the same common goal to glorify God by serving the moms in our group.” – Tiffany H., our MOPS Coordinator

Oh, and one more thing – words of wisdom from a candy wrapper at the retreat. It fits our Beautiful Mess theme so well, don’t you think?




Register Now for our New Year of MOPS

Registration for our new year of MOPS is open now.

What it Costs

The annual registration fee for MOPS International is $23.95. Make your check payable to “MOPS.”

We never want the cost to stop a mom from attending MOPS. Scholarships are available for moms in need. If you cannot afford to register, please speak privately to a Mentor Mom (Melene, Donna, or Dot) or our Finance Coordinator Sara E.

Why Register

Registration fees are vital to MOPS International’s mission to ensure that no mom is alone. When you pay your registration fee, MOPS International uses that money to support groups all over the world, especially moms in low-income areas and teenage mothers in Teen MOPS groups.

The registration fee is different from the dues you pay when you attend a MOPS meeting. Our dues are paid at our regular meetings to cover a portion of our expenses, like childcare.

Who Should Register

We are required to register our members in order to maintain our charter with MOPS International. All moms who attend our group should be registered, even if they receive a scholarship. This includes all Steering Committee members, Mentor Moms, and MOMSnext members, too.

What’s In the Welcome Package

After you register, you’ll receive a welcome package in the mail from MOPS International. This year’s package includes a cute MOPS tote bag, a sing-along DVD featuring the cuddly character BOZ, and coupons.

You’ll also receive your first issue of MomSense magazine. Flip through and find some encouragement in the pages. Plus, you’ll receive an inspirational e-mail each week from MOPS International.

MOPS Welcome Packe t2013-2014