Craft: Our Centerpiece is a Beautiful Mess

Over the summer, our Creative Activities leader Christin faced the task of designing our MOPS centerpieces for the new year. They had to fit our theme: “A Beautiful Mess – Embrace Your Story.” They had to be beautiful and messy at the same time, easy and inexpensive enough to make six of them, and durable enough to last the whole year. Not an easy job!

She decided to base the design on our theme logo…


The MOPS theme logo and Christin’s design sketch for our centerpieces.

…with beautiful results:


Our “Beautiful Mess” centerpieces on our discussion group tables: Radiant Red, Outrageous Orange, Glamorous Gold, Gorgeous Green, Beauteous Blue, and Vivacious Violet.

The design includes a hand-crafted yarn ball filled with flowers (which are attached to pens) in a clear, square vase, all coordinated for the table color. They definitely created a colorful, welcoming atmosphere for our meeting room. Great job, Christin!

How to Make a Yarn Ball

For anyone who wants to try it at home, here’s how Christin made the yarn ball at the center of our centerpieces:


You will need: corn starch, tacky glue, yarn in the color of your choice, a balloon

  1. Make the glue mixture: 1 cup corn starch to 4 oz Tacky glue. (Make more as needed.)
  2. Soak the yarn in mixture.
  3. Remove the excess glue mixture from the yarn with your fingers.
  4. Blow up the balloon to the size you want the finished yarn ball to be, then tie the end of the yarn to the end of the balloon. Wrap the yarn around the balloon until you achieve the desired look.
  5. Tie the yarn off at the end of the balloon again, allowing enough yarn to hang the balloon out to dry.
  6. Hang it until it’s completely dry (may take several hours). Be sure to put some newspaper on the floor or ground below it.
  7. Pop and remove balloon carefully.