Our MOPS Newsletter for January 2014

Read and print our latest MOPS newsletter here: MOPS Newsletter 1.5 – January 2014.

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For past issues, see our MOPS Newsletter Archive.

MOPS Leaders – editable versions of our newsletters are available on MOPS.org so you can edit and use them for your groups, too. Just log in to the Leaders section of MOPS.org and look for our newsletters under Ideas.


Our MOPS Newsletter for December 2013

You can read and print our MOPS newsletter for this month here: MOPS Newsletter 1.4 -December 2013.


Click to read and print our MOPS Newsletter for December 2013.

For past issues, see our MOPS Newsletter Archive.

Meeting Review: Our First Meeting!

Thanks to all the moms who joined us at our first MOPS meeting of the new year. We hope you had a fun morning connecting with the other moms. Thanks to the Steering Committee and our Mentor Moms for providing the brunch!

At the meeting, Mentor Mom Melene led the group in a 9-11 remembrance and shared a devotion about the mother of Moses. Then, everyone joined in a heartfelt farewell to Tiffany H., who is leaving us as the MOPS Coordinator. Tiffany will be greatly missed, but she leaves a lasting legacy here at MOPS. Our new MOPS Coordinator is Elena E.

The members of each discussion group spent some time getting to know each other by answering fun questions about themselves. And, isn’t this sweet? Laura welcomed the members of her Glamorous Gold table with a Mom’s Survival Kit.


Click to see a list of items in the Mom’s Survival Kit.

Christin, our Creative Activities leader, invited the moms to make a Bird’s Nest Necklace with beads representing their children.  This craft was a huge hit. Click here to see complete instructions.

Click the image to see instructions for making the Bird’s Nest Necklace.

We hope you all got a copy of the MOPS newsletter and one of our magnets with the meeting dates for the year. If you didn’t, be sure to pick one up at the next meeting.

Our next meeting is on September 25. The topic is “A Beautiful Mess: Handling Your Emotions.” Sara M.’s Gorgeous Greens and Stefanie’s Beauteous Blues have brunch/cleanup duty.  Please RSVP on our private Facebook event. See you there!

Our MOPS Newsletter for September 2013

Our newsletter has a new look! It’s all “messed up” and beautiful to match this year’s MOPS theme. If you missed it at the meeting, you can read and print it here.


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