Meeting Review: Our MOPS Christmas Party

Our Dec 18 meeting was our MOPS Christmas Party! Thanks to all the members and Mentor Moms for providing the abundant brunch (check out Christin’s recipe for her Pumpkin Trifle).

The room was festive and colorful, with unique table designs, a huge brunch buffet, a pile of gift-wrapped ornaments for our annual ornament exchange, two tables of raffle prizes, and a photo booth. We’re sharing a peak at everything here!

First, we set the tone with Christmas music. We chose the 2-CD set WOW Christmas (Blue), Deluxe Edition – By: Various Artists – 36 Top Christian Artists and Holiday Songs.

Table Decorations

The discussion groups decorated their tables for Christmas based on their group color. Aren’t they beautiful? We’re lucky to have so many creative moms in our group!

Photos by Colleen Hazlehurst

Nativity Craft

Paula kicked off the meeting by demonstrating this printable nativity craft for the moms to try at home with their children. (For an easier option, take a look at this one-page printable nativity craft).

nativity craft for kids

Photo Booth

Throughout the morning, we had fun posing in our first MOPS photo booth. See our photo booth instructions and printables if you want to make one like ours.

Photo by Colleen Hazlehurst

Ornament Exchange

A highlight of our Christmas events is always our annual ornament exchange. There were a lot more personalized MOPS ornaments making the rounds this year!Christmas RafflePhoto by Colleen Hazlehurst

Christmas Raffle

Our Christmas Raffle was amazing! Our Fundraising Leader Andreia worked hard to collect two tables of fantastic prizes to raise money for our MOPPETS childcare program. See a complete list of all the prizes and winners here.

Photos by Colleen Hazlehurst

Thanks to all the moms who worked so hard to make this event special and to everyone who participated in the raffle for supporting our MOPPETS childcare program!


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