MOPPETS Snack Idea: Apple Rollups

Here’s another snack idea from our MOPPETS Coordinator Jessica: Apple Rollups.

To make them, spread cream cheese on a cinnamon-flavored tortilla, top with thinly-sliced apples, and roll. It’s that easy. And, if you can’t find cinnamon tortillas, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon on the cheese.

Photo by Colleen Hazlehurst
Remember, all MOPPETS snacks should be nut-free. Don’t forget to label your containers!

What’s your kiddo’s favorite snack for MOPPETS?


3 thoughts on “MOPPETS Snack Idea: Apple Rollups

  1. Yum! I didn’t even know they made cinnamon flavored tortillas! Oh, And I love MOPS! I was in it last year, and although our group is doing their own thing now, it’s still very similar to the MOPS structure. Looking forward to connecting with you!
    Your Fellow SITS Triber,

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