MOPS Christmas: DIY Custom MOPS Ornaments

Our annual Christmas ornament exchange is one of our group’s favorite traditions. We each bring a gift-wrapped ornament and take turns swapping them in a fast-paced exchange. It gets a little competitive! The best part – every mom leaves with a special keepsake.

Some of the most popular ornaments are the ones that commemorate MOPS in some way, like these:

Photos: Christin W., Lara S., and Colleen Hazlehurst

About these ornaments:

  1. Christin gave this cute squirrel some personality by adding a “Nuts for MOPS” sign.
  2. Christin used a Sharpie marker to add “MOPS 2010” to this LOVE ornament.
  3. Colleen painted this mitten and added “MOPS” at our pottery painting Moms Night Out.

As you can see, if you don’t win one, you can easily put a special touch on almost any ornament. For more ornament ideas, check out our ideas from our MOPS Christmas Craft Day and these DIY Personalized Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas from your friends at MOPS!



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