Meeting Review: MOPS Christmas Crafts Day

We spent a morning crafting and connecting at our MOPS meeting on Nov 27. Thanks to Kelly’s and Kristina/Yvonne’s groups for providing the brunch! The food was fabulous, as always (check out this recipe for the Country Breakfast Casserole).  We gave away some great door prizes – this time for Chick-Fil-A ice dream cones!

This was our Thanksgiving-week meeting, so each table was decorated with a Gratitude Tree. The moms were invited to add their blessings to the leaves. The trees were also door prizes for some lucky moms who got to take them home.

Due to a half-day for local public schools, we had a short meeting and it was all about crafts. Our Creative Activities leader, Christin, brought a variety of projects for everyone to try. She did a fantastic job and we all got into the crafting spirit. Take a look at some of the results (with instructions below):

Photos: Colleen Hazlehurst

1. Popsicle Stick Ornaments:
Christin supplied popsicle sticks (plain and in primary colors), ribbon, beads, buttons and other adornments. The moms went to work designing their own creations (here’s a basic tutorial). This one is Jessica M.’s. She made it a special keepsake by adding her family’s names and the year.

2. Felt Christmas Trees:
Christin brought pre-sewn felt Christmas trees, with an opening at the top. The moms stuffed them with batting, tied a ribbon around the top of the tree to close it and hang it, then glued on “ornaments” made from sequins, beads, or buttons.

3. Scented Soy Candles:
Using crock pots, soy chips, and small jars with lids, Christin melted these candles during our meeting. When the soy was melted, a mom could add the essential oil of her choice to a candle, add a wick, and place it in the refrigerator to solidify (we happen to have a kitchen attached to our meeting room). The available scents included cinnamon, “Love Spell,” vanilla, pumpkin spice, tea tree, eucalyptus,and lemon. These were a big hit with the moms. Here’s a tutorial showing a similar method.

4. Felt Snowmen Ornaments:
Christin brought pre-sewn felt snowmen (triangle-shaped) with an opening at the top, and pre-cut scarves and hats (rectangle-shaped). The moms stuffed the snowman bodies with batting, tied the hat on with ribbon to close and hang the ornament, then drew on eyes and glued on other features, like a carrot nose and buttons.

Other crafts, not pictured here:
Moms could also make gift tags by cutting shapes from Christmas-themed scrapbook paper and using rubber stamps to add the “To” and “From.” Also, Christin brought the leftover materials for our birds nest necklaces, so we could make some to give as gifts.

It was fun to see each mom express her creativity. Even though we were all doing the same crafts, no two were the same. It was a great meeting. Big thanks to Christin for all her hard work pulling it together!

Our Next Meeting & Christmas Party – Dec 18

Our next meeting is our MOPS Christmas Party on Dec 18! Everyone is asked to bring a dish for the brunch. Let’s make it a festive holiday buffet!

You’ll want to bring a gift-wrapped ornament to participate in our Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange. Also, Paula will demonstrate a very special Nativity Craft you can do at home later with your children. We’ll also have a fun photo booth, so bring your camera!

Plus, we’ll have lots of great raffles! Tickets will be available at the party for $1 each or six for $5. All proceeds will benefit our wonderful MOPPETS childcare program!

Please look for the event invitation on our private Facebook group (or talk to your Discussion Group Leader) and RSVP by Dec 13. See you there!

nativity craft for kids

Paula will demonstrate this Nativity Craft at our Christmas party so you can do at home later with your children. Here’s a tip: start saving your paper towel rolls now!


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