MOPS Traditions: A Thanksgiving Prayer

This Thanksgiving, may you enjoy safe travels, precious time with loved ones, and a heartfelt spirit of gratitude as you count your blessings. Please join us in this Thanksgiving prayer from our Prayer leader, Paula:

Dear Lord,

We thank you on this Thanksgiving day and every day. You gave us life and freely offer us abundant life through your Son. Help us to maintain a daily attitude of thankfulness. As we approach this day, may our minds be focused on you and spending time with our families. We ask that the cares of the world be put aside as we have this opportunity to celebrate.

In Jesus name,

Also, Paula is sharing a list of bible verses for Thanksgiving you might want to read, pray, and share. If you would like, you can print the verses (click here to see and print them) and ask for volunteers to take turns reading them around the Thanksgiving table or at some other point during your time together.

Photo: Colleen Hazlehurst

Happy Thanksgiving from MOPS!


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