MOPS Christmas: Our Secret Santa Gift Exchange

We’re strolling through our MOPS Christmas Past! Here’s an activity we’ve done for a few years and are continuing this year – a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for our Steering Committee.


For our Secret Santa Gift Exchange, the participants fill out a form, like this one, at our November Steering meeting and exchange gifts at our Steering meeting in December. Our spending limit is $20. This is a special tradition just for the moms on our Steering team, although we have a separate ornament exchange for everyone at our MOPS Christmas party.

Here’s how to start this tradition with your group:

  1. Download our MOPS Secret Santa Form here. This version prints two forms to a page. You can print it on regular copy paper, on cardstock, or even on colored paper. It looks great in color or in grayscale.
  2. Fill in the Date, Place, and Spending Limit lines with the details for your event. You can do it electronically before printing, or just write the details in on one page and make copies.
  3. Distribute a form to everyone who wants to participate. Have them fill in their Name and complete the My Favorites section. Then, collect all the forms.
  4. Have each participant draw a form from a bag. If they draw their own, they can just return it to the bag and draw another. Then, everyone should have someone to buy for, have idea of what to buy, and know when and where to bring it.
  5. At the designated place and time, exchange the gifts and reveal the Secret Santas. (We do this by discreetly placing our gifts on a table, having someone pass them out, and then reveal the Santa after the gift is opened).

Our gift to you: our Secret Santa form. Click the form to download and use it for your own Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Make sense? Give it a try! It’s a great way for the moms to get to know each other better and to bond as a team and as friends.


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