MOPS Christmas: Mom-Hosted Tables at our 2012 Mixer


In 2012, we celebrated Christmas with an evening mixer. We invited MOPS moms to host our five tables, decorating them however they wanted. As a result, the room was colorful and festive – absolutely beautiful! Let’s take a look back at our mom-decorated tables from our Christmas Past:


Lara M. and Colleen’s table won the Best Table vote with its theme from the classic movie “A Christmas Story.” The table was a festive sight, with a Christmas tree centerpiece featuring “leg lamp” lights, handmade ornaments with photos from the movie, mini candy canes, and old-fashioned bulbs. Around the tree are the Parker family’s wrapped and partially peaked-on presents, including a bowling ball for dad, bunny slippers for Ralphie, a mini Radio Flyer wagon, the boys’ stockings, and of course a mini Red Ryder BB gun. Lara and Colleen decorated the chairs with big red bows. The place settings included a printed Christmas Story dinner plate on a gold charger, topped with a fortune cookie and a glass Ralphie magnet (Colleen made them like this). Under the plate was a list of trivia questions. The table guest who answered the most questions correctly won a copy of the movie. The party favor was Lara’s famous homemade fudge wrapped in a festive Chinese take-out container. Silverware included a set of chopsticks for each guest. Also, Lara made plaid, cloth dinner napkins, which each guest got to keep.

ChristmasTables2012_Christy640Christy’s table features a creative white snowflake cutout over a silver tablecloth, a centerpiece of floating candles, and snowflakes hanging over the table. Each guest received a wrapped favor at her silver and white place setting.

ChristmasTables2012_Christin640Our Creative Activities leader Christin set an elegant table featuring a three-tiered tower of high-heeled shoes surrounded by billowing snow. Strings of red and silver ornaments hung over the table. The place setting were silver and white, with real silverware and cloth napkins.

ChristmasTables2012_LauraLaura’s nativity-themed table featured gold and red decor with a beautiful snow globe centerpiece. Each guest received a party favor at their place setting and a candy cane sharing the biblical symbolism of the candy cane.

ChristmasTables2012_MentorMomsOur mentor moms – Pat, Donna, and Melene – teamed up to decorate this elegant gift-themed table. The red and silver decorations mad a gorgeous table, with a tower of gifts as the centerpiece.


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