Meeting Review: “A Beautiful Mess – Handling Your Emotions”

We hope you had a fun morning connecting with the other moms. Thanks to Sara M.’s Gorgeous Greens and Stefanie’s Beauteous Blues for providing the brunch! For our door prize, three moms won play passes to Kangaroo Jac’s! Sara E. won the special raffle for moms who prepaid their meeting dues – two passes to Green Bean – Contemporary Child’s Play! Congrats!

Mentor Moment from Dot

This meeting was all about emotions. Mentor Mom Dot shared a devotion about how she learned to handle her emotions. She recommended three books that have helped her in this area: “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers, “Healing for Damaged Emotions” by David A. Seamands, and “A Bend in the Road” by David Jeremiah.

“Handling Your Emotions” featuring Lysa TerKeurst

Next, we watched a MOPS video about handling our emotions, especially as moms. It featured Lysa TerKeurst, a bestselling author and speaker who has a great book on the subject, which many of our members recommend: “Unglued – Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.” Lysa teaches that there are four kinds of reaction types:

  • Exploders that Blame Others
  • Exploders that Shame Themselves
  • Stuffers that Build Barriers
  • Stuffers that Collect Retaliation Rocks

On Lysa’s site, you can take a quick assessment to help you determine your reaction type.

We followed the video with an icebreaker activity based on Lysa’s book, in which we each determined our own “animal” emotional style. We separated into groups and discussed how we handle our emotions based on our style. The animals/emotional styles are:

  • Wounded Bear – I am hurt and unpredictable, so watch out.
  • Crouching Tiger – I may not attack now, but I will strike back when you least expect it.
  • Agitated Skunk – I may or may not create a stink, but the threat is always there.
  • Deceptive Peacock – Who me? I’m not upset. Look at all my pretty feathers.
  • Barricading Beaver – No time to say what I’m really feeling. I’m too busy building a wall between us.
  • Screech Owl – Prepare for a tirade!
  • Other

Afterwards, we got back into our discussion groups to talk with each other about how we handle our emotions. Each mom was given a packet of tissues to take home with a reminder that “Jesus wept,” from John 11:35.


Mommy & Me Pictures – Make-up Oct 9

Thanks to all the moms and children who had their Mommy & Me pictures taken for our MOPPETS directory. If you missed getting your picture, or just want another one, Colleen will be back outside the gym on Oct 9 from 9:00-9:30 AM. All moms (with or without MOPPETS), Mentor Moms, and MOPPETS Workers are invited to get their pictures taken.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on Oct 9. Join us as our guest speaker (and former Mentor Mom) Pat speaks on the topic of gifted children. Kristina’s Radiant Reds and Kelly’s Vivacious Violets have brunch/cleanup duty.  Please RSVP on our private Facebook event. See you there!


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