Craft: Bean Bags for MOPPETS

One of our talented MOPS moms, Sara E., made these adorable bean bags for our MOPPETS program. Along with some masking tape, a bucket, and a list of Bean Bag games, these little cuties provide lots of fun for our children while we’re at our MOPS meetings.

MOPPETS bean bags

Here’s how she made them:

1. Cut your fabric (Sara used cotton) into squares, two for each bag. Anything around 6 x 6 in. is good.


2. Pin the right sides together.


3. Sew around the squares, leaving about two inches unsewn on one of the sides (you’ll use this to pour the beans in). Then, turn the square right side out and iron.


4. Fill your bag. Sara used green split peas and filled the bag about half way. DSC_0154_BeanBags6-7 6. Sew the opening closed and you have a nifty little bean bag! Click the image below to see and print our list of MOPPETS Bean Bag Games to go with them:


Click for our list of MOPPETS bean bag games.


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